From digital to print to live entertainment,

the goal stays the same: 

connect with the audience.

Digital Ads

Columbia University SPS

Rebrand Columbia Summer at the beginning of the pandemic—shift strategy from on campus to online.


Dynamic websites updated to meet the needs of clients and audiences.


TINA – The Tina Turner Musical

Engage dedicated Tina Turner fans and newcomers alike by celebrating Tina's transformative story, amplifying the actors and creators, and promoting the experience of the Broadway show.


Columbia University SPS

The guidelines from the client: congratulate the graduates, make it timely, and list the programs. The result: Situation Interactive's first ever New York Times print ad.


A&E | History.com

Grow subscribers for History.com's streaming archive HistoryVault, 

educate readers and, of course, entertain.


Sizzle reels, ads, teasers and more.


Musicals, Plays and More

Manage the editorial process and create marketing materials for popular shows.

Music & Lyrics


Can I Help, America? - Pilot

Created at the BRIC Arts Media Podcast Fellowship

Sound of Music - Trivia Deck